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TCC (NZ) Ltd has as employees qualified and experienced personnel. These personnel are industrial chemists, EPA test certifiers, and HSNO consultants. The company is based in Auckland and specializes in providing regulatory advice, HSNO consultancy Approved Handler Training and Certification. The company understands that it can be quite hard to achieve chemical compliance, and can be confusing as well. The country’s HSNO regulations seem confusing to many. This is where we come in.

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HSNO consultant
Safety data sheets handlers

What We Do

Regulatory Affairs Consultants

Pic Essentials

A Person In Charge is one of the most important personnel in a company which deals in handling hazardous subst.......

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Regulatory Affairs Consultants

HSNO Exempt Laboratories

Companies who use and handle hazardous substances on a daily basis, but whose operations are small scale, are .......

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Regulatory Affairs Consultants

Approved Handler Certification

In industries and work places where the most hazardous substances are used, Approved Handlers are required. .......

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HSNO consultants in Auckland, New Zealand

Speciality Of Our Training

It is our duty to inform your employees and staff about the Hazardous Substance & New Organisms Act of 1996 and to train them well so they can effectively handle hazardous chemicals and substances without any risk to themselves or to their surroundings. This provides them with considerable confidence in their abilities. Training offered by us can be customized accordingly.

Here are some topics with the course covers:

We Have Different Type Of Courses

    EPA Test Certifiers
  • Approved Handler Course

    There are many industry sectors in which products are created by using hazardous chemicals. Or it may also be that the employees need to handle these chemicals manually before disposing them properly. The crux of the matter here is that your employees need to be knowledgeable and experienced in doing this.

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  • Basic Chemical Handling Course

    Not all chemicals used in the industry are hazardous or harmful, but some are. Chemicals used differ according to the industry. For instance, in heavy metal manufacturing companies, you can be sure that hazardous substances or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. It also depends on the kind of process used.

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  • Emergency Management

    Some industries need to handle various amounts and varieties of chemicals each day. If the quantities are large, there is always a danger of a spill or an unwanted reaction. As such, you need an emergency Response Plan as a backup, apart from NZ compliant safety data sheet. An Emergency Response Plan is a one for conducting damage control.

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TCC (NZ) Ltd is staffed by chemists and scientists with a wealth of knowledge and experience from both a technical and a commercial point of view.

  • EPA Applications

    Many companies still feel that the procedure for filing EPAs is long and hard. The EPA process refers to the o

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  • ACVM Applications

    The agricultural industry of New Zealand is such that it relies heavily on agricultural compounds and veterina

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  • ACVM Data Assessment

    We at TCC offer an efficient and quick service to clients regarding data assessment for purposes of agricultur

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  • We offer comprehensive site audits concerning hazardous substances.
  • Our team is highly skilled in hazard management and identification.
  • Our expert technical and HSNO regulatory advice simplifies HSNO compliance for you.
  • We have expert chemists with the industry standard knowledge to offer health and safety guidelines.
  • Our chemical compliance service has proven methods.
  • Our hazardous substance advice is tailored to match your needs.
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