Thus ends our first week back.

Hope you all had a great holiday.

Our CHAT course is coming along nicely and should be ready within the next couple of months. Until then, take a look at your procedures and see if your staff know them off by heart!
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Remember: Our closedown period begins on the 21st of December.
If you have an urgent issue, it may take some time for us to get back to you and we thank you for your patience.
We'll be back on the 8th of January, 2018.

Until then, have a fantastic holiday and we'll see you in the New Year!
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4 weeks ago  ·  

We will be closing early tomorrow (Friday 15) as it is the company's Christmas outing.
If you need to get in contact with us then, be sure to give us a call before 11:30! Otherwise, we'll be in on Monday.
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4 weeks ago  ·  

EPA Have updated their website recently, and it certainly looks fresh and new.

However, it looks like there's still some work to do behind the scenes as the databases still look like the old EPA for the moment and navigating within the website is clunky.

It may just be that we're not used to it yet, but what do you think of the new EPA Website? Give it a look and let us know what you think.

We'll wait to see how the website progresses before we try to update our portal links and do some more surfing to get familiar with the new layout.
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1 month ago  ·  

Hi there.

You may have noticed we have gone back to our old website from 2015.

We've decided that, given the change to Hazardous Substances due to the Health and Safety reform, our old website was much better at getting this information across without seeming like we were only concerned with high-risk sites. It also helps that it was easy to update, as the rules and regulations are likely to change as things settle in and our own services will need to update to reflect those changes.

Our website is likely to change again but for the moment we'll go back to a little bit of nostalgia before we decide on how we want to present ourselves.

For now, stick with us and we'll ensure you're compliant with the Hazardous Substances regulations.

- Geoffrey Meikle
Managing Director
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1 month ago  ·  

Happy New Year!
Hope the holidays were kind to you and your families. We certainly wish we had another few days in hand, but its time to get back to it.

We're officially out of our closedown period and ready to field your questions again. We should be back to full business operation by the 12th and we look forward to working with you all again this year.

It should be an interesting year, with upcoming Law changes and new courses/products from us to keep your business running smooth.
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3 years ago  ·  

Well, the year flew by rather quickly. I'm amazed that, with all the changes and hubbub going around, this poor page has ended up being neglected since June!

Well, you can already guess what our New Year resolution is going to be. Thankfully, with our newsletter becoming electronic, we'll have more time to spend keeping you all up to date with the new Hazardous substances regulations.
We should be hearing back from Parliament after Christmas and be able to start creating products and courses to keep you guys ahead of the game and maintain your compliance for years to come.

We'll be closing down from today and officially open again on the 6th of January.

Until then, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we'll see you in the New Year!
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3 years ago  ·  

It's been a while since the last update, and the reason behind that is all the changes that MBIE have been talking about with the Health and Safety reform.

You can see the document here:

While on the whole most regulations are being shifted from HSNO directly into HSW and that means business will continue along as usual, there are a couple of changes here or there, and they're large ones for TCC.

We've been rushing about getting our own changes ready so we can be already at the forefront when the H&S changes do go live.

One of the big plans we have going forward is being Health and Safety (HSW) professionals and experts. We're still going to be the go-to guys for HSNO advice and approvals that we've always been, but now all our Industry knowledge and training will be done under HSW. This gives us a chance to cover the whole package, not just hazardous substances.

To that end, we're going to be looking into providing NZQA H&S training courses as well to supplement our audits and systems packages. Our chemical courses will change to suit the new legislation too, which means you can be assured that you're getting the best possible training for your time and money.

There's a lot going on, and not enough space or time to go over it all. If you want, the submissions for the document above end mid-July so feel free to throw your hat in. Otherwise, let us know your concerns - we'll be submitting a few things of our own.
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4 years ago  ·  

How time flies! Just a couple of quick things to update.

Tomorrow, Karl and Geoff are off to Wellington for the Hazardous Substances Conference. We should have a better picture of what EPA and WorkSafe NZ envision the reform should be and how it'll flow over the coming year. You'll be the first to know what's what when they get back.

We've had a pleasing response to our Seminar, and we're closer to having the agenda finalised. It will accompany our next special edition newsletter that we'll send out end of next week. It should be an informative day!
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4 years ago  ·  

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