Certified Handler Certificate Renewal

  • Certified Handlers (CH) are required to renew their certification every 5 years to maintain their CH status.
  • We have endeavoured to make this a very straightforward exercise for you.
  • We can renew your certificates and approve any additions or changes to your Certified Handler certificates on completing our Handlers course.
  • If you need to renew your Certified Handler Certificate, please request our Certified Handler Renewal course, and we’ll make sure to organise a time where we can come to you and run it (or send it by correspondence if you’re outside of the Greater Auckland area).
  • We keep a track of all the certificates we issue, so if you’re one of our clients we’ll send you a reminder to renew your certificate up to 3 months ahead of time, along with a renewal form.
  • If you are adding additional substances to your certificate, you will be required to send additional information and complete some additional paperwork.  This will incur an additional fee dependent on the number of substance you want to add.
  • Please note that adding additional substances to an Certified Handler certificate can be done at any time. You don’t have to wait until your certificate is expiring to request the change.
  • Please contact us for further information.

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