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1) The Identification Regulations 2001 and Emergency Management Regulations 2001 require that sites holding certain classes of hazardous goods over certain quantities require signage to alert emergency services and visitors to the site what hazards are present and where.

2) TCC (NZ) Ltd designs your signs to your specific needs before sending them off to our signwriter. We can provide a wide range of signage, depending on your requirements, such as:
External site signs: These Hazchem signs are designed to be visible and able to withstand normal weather so that emergency services know what’s kept on site and how to respond to it. There must be one visible from the road as you approach the site, just on the outside of the warehouse isn’t good enough.
Self-adhesive stickers: These signs are for places where a regular sign won’t work, like a non-flat surface. This way you can provide adequate information and display hazards for cylinders, tanks, fumehoods and the like. These stickers are best used inside, so external stickers may need more frequent replacing.
Internal site signs: When you have an External site sign in place, the location where you store the hazardous substances must have a sign as well. These smaller plastic-backed signs are perfect for indicating what hazards lie beyond and what actions can be taken to prevent/remedy any adverse effects.

3) All our signs are designed to the NZCIC Code of Practice at very competitive prices.

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